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About Us

I became a doctor to partner with patients on their path to healthier living, to help them get the most out of life even in the face of disease.

This requires a working partnership between doctor and patient.  To create a meaningful partnership it takes time, it takes access.  Insurance companies have become a huge blockage to forming this partnership with non-care requirements that overload the doctor's time and energy, and sky-rockets costs in running a clinic. They continually raise patient deductibles and co-pays when patients are already paying high premiums while decreasing  patient benefits.  

Doctors increasingly must spend their time clicking buttons and documenting the things insurance companies want rather than being able to focus completely on the needs and concerns of the patient.  

This has created huge barriers to timely access of health care for the patient.   

To stay in business with the insurance companies in the drivers seat, one must have volume, which can cause quality to suffer, and dramatically increase wait times for patients.

Offices have had to increase overhead to the point that many have had to close or be bought out by big impersonal corporations, doctors suffer burnout, and patients have delays in care and often leave doctor visits feeling rushed and uncared for.



With membership driven Direct Primary Care:

  • Patient volume per doctor is low. Instead of 3000+ there are 600-1000 patients per doctor, so there is little or no waiting time for appointments, same day or next day is the rule.

  • If you can not make it in, no problem, membership includes contact with your doctor by text, email, phone, and even home visits* 

  • Hour long in-clinic appointments 

  • Prescriptions on site for most common medications at deeply discounted prices (up to 95% less than traditional insurance)

  • Deeply discounted send-out labs (drawn in clinic) , cholesterol, CBC, Diabetes, etc...

  • In-clinic lab tests: sugar, strep tests, urine tests, plus many others are free

  • in-office procedures** - Free

  • AFFORDABLE - 100% transparent pricing

* 12 month membership includes 3 free home visits with in 10 mile radius. Time and distance may modify arrangements.

** some procedures may require purchase of medication, the cost is always know up-front.

Dr. Pamela E. Stewart M.D., M.S. 

Board Certified Family Medicine

Born and raised in Independence, Missouri, I attended Park

University then pursued graduate training in Chemistry at Kansas State University.  During my 2nd year of Graduate school it became clear that chemistry was only a step along the path to Medicine.  I finished my Master’s in Chemistry, then started medical school at the University of Kansas Medical School, Kansas City KS in 1993.Upon graduating in 1997, I entered my specialty training in Family Medicine which I completed in December of 2000.  I joined the physicians at Plaza Medical Center in Garden City, KS, February 2001. 

During my years as a partner at Plaza Medical, I volunteered in a Honduran clinic 2 weeks every 6 months from January 2001 until 2013. 


In 2013 I felt called to invest more time into this volunteer work.  I left Plaza Medical to precept 4th year doctors in training from KUMed as well as Honduran doctors in training, and to help bring a better quality of health care to the Honduran poor of that area.  I would regularly return to the States to work temporary clinic jobs to support my volunteer work in Honduras.  But after almost 20 years of volunteering, that chapter of my life has come to a close. 

Through the temporary jobs, I have worked in many areas of the country, mostly with native communities.  I have served in some very unique locations with extreme challenges in care and care access.  One thing which increasingly unsettled me was the growing distance between patient and doctor.  Government and insurance companies created mandatory technologies that did not improve the doctor-patient relationship but more and more disrupted it.  Clicking boxes that did not add to my patients' care and well being - only took more and more time away from my patients’ interests and needs.  To be true to my medical calling something had to change to bring the focus back on the patient and still be able to keep an office running.  Enter “DPC”.  I am excited to return home to Garden City to serve our growing community’s health care needs in a patient centered model called Direct Primary Care, (DPC).

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